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Oak Roofs & Oak Trusses

Elevation and vertical space are luxuries associated not only with traditional architecture. Modern oak framed buildings use traditional designs combined with cutting edge methods to complement modern architecture and provide a sense of expanse and status. Oak roof trusses and oak roof rafters can add enormous long term value to building developments. Oak vaulted ceilings with oak roof trusses and roof rafters create a striking visual effect and a sense of height, space and luxury, making your home a stunning place to live, whilst adding value to your property.

Most oak roofs are made as a kit and supplied for your local contractor to install with our help and advice. Oak trusses usually come as pre-constructed units, which can simply be lifted into place on site.

Components slot together like giant Lego and can usually be fitted by your primary building contractor. For larger, complicated projects, or complete house builds, the fitting of the oak trusses and oak roof rafters will be done by our assembly teams and our quotation will include the cost of assembly.

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